Monday, November 24, 2008

Just Another Weekend on Kwaj

On Kwajalein our typical work week runs Tuesday through Saturday. I say typical because Laura and I both work an opposite 9/80 shift. So we both get alternating Saturdays off work. The typical Sunday morning on Kwajalein starts with Irish coffees at the Price house and then down to the beach around 8am to meet up with the beach volleyball crew. We usually play until around 10:30, then end up in the water as it starts to get a little hot for volleyball mid day just a few degrees North of the equator. Then we head back home or off to a friends house for brunch.

Thanks to Dad we made wood fired Pizzas this weekend. Dad mailed me a big bag of hardwood lump charcoal and a ceramic "plate setter" (ceramic table that my pizza stone sits on top of in my XL big green egg). They turned out great. Very much like the simple thin crusted pizza Laura and I had in Venice Italy that we liked so much. Thanks Dad! I made my pizza with artichoke hearts, paper thin sliced egg plant, green olives, roasted garlic, sliced grilled chicken, red onion, drizzled with a little olive oil and a fresh parsley oil I made, seasoned with just a pinch of Hawaiian sea salt, and topped with some mozzarella. Good stuff. I loved the thin crispy crust, just like what we had in Italy. Maybe next time I'll take some pictures for the blog.

Here are some photos from beach volleyball this weekend:

Here I am serving.
Carys and Laura arrive at the beach a little later to hang out.

Carys stuffs her face with cheddar of her of mine too.

Here is my beautiful wife Laura. You can also see part of my main mode of transportation on Kwajalein next to her in this photo. My laminated bamboo skateboard.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another birthday...another goodbye....

Well I survived another birthday. I think we had three parties for this one, the memories are still a little hazy. Possibly due to the amount of over consumption that took place. Hmmmm....maybe that had something to do with it? The grand finale was a pool party on the 11th. A good time was had by all. My feet still hurt from dancing on the no slip plastic pool tile. I blew a flip flop out early in the night when my friend Miguel pulled me into the pool so I ended up dancing barefoot. Speaking of my friend Miguel, we are having one last PCS (permanent change of station -aka- "going away") party for him tonight as he and Poncho get on the flight tomorrow to head back to their home in Hawaii. Miguel is my best buddy out here and Poncho is Miguel's old boxer who has spent some time at our house while the Busquets were on vacation. They have been trying to get out of here since the end of last month. Miguel was just waiting on all of the paperwork to go through. I'm sure he's getting excited about getting back to the family and spending some time with his new twins. I'm sad to see them go. They will surely be missed. Aloha my friends.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My One Year Old In Houston

Here is a photo my Dad sent me of my one year old little girl Carys at the Houston airport. Looks like with the hat she was able to fit right in with the natives.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pink Eye

Hello friends that I haven't seen in a while…no I haven't forgotten about you all. I have pink eye!…or more like fluorescent red eyes! I've had it for a full week now. I woke up yesterday and it was far worse; not better after 6 days of antibiotic treatment. Apparently I have been unlucky enough to contract viral pink eye or I've got a drug resistant bacterial strain. They took a culture yesterday and said they should have results by Thursday. If it's viral like the PA suspects (they've had a few cases lately) I just have to wait for it to run it's course. WTF!!!?

I'm back in my office now with three bottles of hand sanitizer, a can of Lysol, box of tissues, and a couple bottles of eye drops as the deadlines won't wait. My eyes are F…ing killing me! They feel like someone rubbed beach sand into them. My boss saw me a little bit ago and said I looked like the devil with my glowing red eyes. Well the name Brandon actually is derived from a hebrew word meaning from the depths of fire or from the firey hill. When I told my mom this she said how appropriate. Hmmmmm....maybe time for a career change? What kind of income would the devil pull in?

Going on week two of quarantine in an empty house all by myself…:(

It's out there folks. Wash your hands.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Sis!

It's my little sisters birthday today. Well actually where I'm located just on the other side of the international date line her birthday was yesterday. But where she is in Seattle Washington it is still today, August 4th! You can check out her blog at

Diagnosis Asthma

The specialist Carys went to see in Virginia Dr. Nair (pronounced two syllables NA-Ear) said that she thinks Carys has asthma. So she wants to put her on steroids twice per day for six weeks and see how she responds. She has to be closely monitored while on the treatment as there is a possibility it could stunt her growth. Not very cool.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beach Babe

Here is a cute picture a friend took of Carys hanging out at the beach watching her Dad play volleyball with his friends this last Sunday. The day before she and her Mom flew down to Maryland for a couple weeks. Carys is on a medical referral while she is down there to see a lung specialist. She has been sick for about 7 weeks now and was not getting better. The poor kid hasn't been able to sleep through the night for quite some time because of her coughing. It wasn't until last week that the Pharmacy got a stronger cough medicine for infants that actually helped her. Chest X-rays indicated her lungs have inflammation and tests showed her oxygen saturation levels have dropped. The Doctor said it is most likely a viral infection in her lungs or asthma.
However sick and tired she is, it still doesn't seem to dampen her spirits. She's such a happy little girl.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Carys's First Birthday! July 19th. Wow, has it been a year already!?

I guess it is all relative. If you ask me: How long it has been since my daughter was born? I'll tell you it seems like it was just last week. If you ask me: How long it has been since I hung out with all of the boys? I'll tell you it seems like it has been a year...

Back to the party.

There was fun for the kids...a sprinkler ball, small swimming pool with canopy that a few kids dove into with their clothes on; a new sand box, and a couple piƱatas full of goodies. The theme was Elmo.

Cute pic of Carys and one of her friends. It appears that the boys are already lining up. I'll have to stay on my toes. That is her nanny "Shaggy" holding her.

Carys enjoying her dinner. Looks like she was enjoying the pulled pork, or as the Hawaiians call it Kahluha pork. Apparently I make pretty good Kahluha pork for a "Haole" or so my Hawaiian friends say. I was up all night cooking and then went into work around 2:30AM to meet a deadline. Biked home for an hour and a half to frost the cake to look like Elmo and cook some more. Then back to work until around 3:30PM. I was feeling pretty out of it by the time the party rolled around.

Any idea how many bottles of red food coloring it takes to get cream cheese frosting Elmo red? It takes 4...4 whole bottles of red food coloring! Any one have any ideas on how I get this stuff out of my clothes now?
She decided she wanted to feed some to her Dad. That's my arm on the left.
Carys passed out about half way into her party. I on the other hand saw the last guests off and cleaned up at around 2:30AM. Did we all sleep in? No... Carys got up bright and early the next morning to open and play with all of her new gifts. I think it was a success.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Carys took her first steps this weekend.

Laura's manager had us and few others over for dinner this weekend (July 6th). Carys and Laura were in the kitchen and I was seated in a chair in the next room. Carys was standing on her own in the kitchen smiling while her Mom and a couple others were cheering for her and telling her what a good job she was doing standing all by herself like a big girl. When all of a sudden she locked eyes with me, took off running and ran right to Daddy. She threw up her arms to hug me and buried her smiling face into Daddy. I guess you don't actually have to walk before you run. I think she took about seven steps in all. What a great moment. I know I'll never forget it. :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carys Video - More Stuff From A Proud Parent

My sister Michelle put some video of Carys up on youtube for me. To view follow the link below. Unfortunately I can't view it out here on island. Youtube is blocked on our network.

Youtube link:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All the photos you ever wanted, and then some.

When I dropped by my sister's place in Seattle on my way to Whistler; my sister was nice enough to offer to utilize her faster connection and upload pretty much every photo we've ever taken of Carys on our Canon. You can view them by following this link to her flickr account.
Carys 0-8 1/2 months.


Thanks Sis!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Carys had a tooth come in on Monday, which was joined by a second tooth the following day. So she now has two front teeth on the bottom.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Years Baby!

We thought this photo might look cute on a new years card.

On Her Way to Her First Luau

Here she is with her Mom on the trolley taking a tour through the gardens. She liked seeing the exotic birds in the garden and she really enjoyed the hula dancers and the poi.

I don't get the poi part.

Family Hike, Waimea Canyon, The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

We set out in a downpour along the western rim of the canyon, so I just zipped Carys up in my raincoat and let her head stick out under my chin so she could see. She seemed to love it, she was wide eyed checking out the view until she fell asleep in the baby carrier near the end of the hike on the way back to our vehicle.

Kauai was fun. The hiking and getting to surf the North Shore (Hanalei Bay) in the winter were the highlights of this trip for me. We got really close to two wild goats on this hike but didn't get any photos worth putting up, just one blurry shot. They pretty quickly bounded away once they realized were close. We got within about 15-20 feet before they realized we were there.

Happy Kid

Carys opens her Christmas presents with the Grandparents on Kauai.

Sleeping Beauties

The Ladies catching some Zs at the condo on Kauai.

Dressed Up To Go See Grandpa Cool.

Can anyone guess where Grandpa Cool went to school?

I Hear Carrot Facials Are All the Rage Now.

Carys tries carrots for the first time. Seemed to have a difficult time keeping it all in her mouth. Takes after her Mom I think. :) Another messy eater.

More Shots of Carys!

Cute. Her father has a similar pose in his repertoire that he often breaks out at parties or drinking establishments for photo oportunities.

She's not really crawling yet, she scoots around and rolls to get where she wants to be. She likes to walk if you let her hold your hands for balance. So maybe she'll skip crawling all together and go straight to walking?

Our Kwaj cat Twigs and Carys hanging out.

Such a happy baby. Enjoying her time bouncing in her Jump-a-roo.

Movie star style.

My Girls

Toes! Check out my toes!

Toes! I've got toes!

Apparently these toes tasted good, or at least good enough to stick them in her mouth for while...

Palm Frond Hat

Here Carys is sporting her hand made palm frond hat. She got it from her extended Hawaiian ohana at the Hawaiian Christmas party down at Emon beach. There are a lot of parties around here during the holidays, or any time for that matter. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the social schedule.

Looks like Carys is ready to party! Have a good day all!

Carys and Santa

Carys's first Christmas. We arrived late as we often do with baby in tow, and it looked like Santa had already left. However Santa (our friend Les) spotted us from the back of the store and came back for one last photo shoot.