Monday, August 04, 2008

Diagnosis Asthma

The specialist Carys went to see in Virginia Dr. Nair (pronounced two syllables NA-Ear) said that she thinks Carys has asthma. So she wants to put her on steroids twice per day for six weeks and see how she responds. She has to be closely monitored while on the treatment as there is a possibility it could stunt her growth. Not very cool.


Michelle Auer said...

Could it be the cat at all? Darian had BAD cat allergies until she was 10 and then they went away. She just coughed up a lung every day until we got her on allergy meds. For the longest time it was like she had a cold that would not go away. We just started banning the cats from her room, got the allergy meds and eventually she outgrew them. Hope she feels better soon!

BLP said...

We asked the same thing and the doctor said she was still too young for it to be allergies.