Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All the photos you ever wanted, and then some.

When I dropped by my sister's place in Seattle on my way to Whistler; my sister was nice enough to offer to utilize her faster connection and upload pretty much every photo we've ever taken of Carys on our Canon. You can view them by following this link to her flickr account.
Carys 0-8 1/2 months.


Thanks Sis!


Lei Lei said...

Wow, Carys overload!! She is gorgeous!! What is the piece of glass with blood? on it? Did it have something to do with wrap around Carys' hand? Your island is beautiful? Good place for a future vacation for me?

BLP said...

The girls had a ladies night one evening at the house and were drinking wine. One of the ladies knocked over and broke a large Mikasa crystal balloon wine glass http://www.amazon.com/Mikasa-Cheers-Balloon-Wine-Glasses/dp/B0000DJQH1 and then apparently failed to recover all the pieces. The next morning I was walking through the kitchen barefoot holding Carys and I stepped on a piece of glass. I put the gate up between the kitchen and living room and set Carys on the other side of the gate so I could see her and then proceeded to vaccuum and sweep up the kitchen floor to find any other glass they may have missed. Within 30 seconds Carys was screaming and had blood running down her face and from her hand down the right side of her body. She had found that large knife shaped piece of broken crystal in the living room within a foot of where I put her down just under the end table. She cut her hand and stabbed herself in the nose right between her eyes. I'm guessing she picked it up and tried to put it in her mouth. Thankfully she didn't poke out her eye. We took our first trip to the emergency room. It scared the hell out of me. The blood was coming so fast at first I couldn't tell how much damage was done. I'm thankfull that all she will have to remember it by is a little scar on her hand. The ladies are using plastic cups now.

Melodie said...

Poor baby! Welcome to the world of parenthood!! Yeah for plastic cups! Good choice! I'll bet they felt awful!