Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Looking for Big Wednesday

As Super Typhoon Ioke passes a few hundred miles north of us we were hoping for some epic surf. So some friends and I took off from work early to go find it. Not what we had expected or hoped for; but we were able to find a few waves. Here are a couple pics from yesterday.

Pictured in the photos is my best bud Miguel Busquets and Paul McGrew.

Photos courtesy of John Breen

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mother Nature One, Brandon ....


Big swell this week, and some great waves. Unfortunately my enjoyment was short lived as one of those large waves bounced me off the reef a few times. I'm OK though, just really sore right now. I was most upset about the new $60 pair of surf shorts that got shredded by the antler coral I got rolled through.

This is just part of the beauty mark left from my initial bounce. I could only wear pants that where a few inches bigger in the waist for the next few weeks because of all the swelling.