Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Family Hike, Waimea Canyon, The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

We set out in a downpour along the western rim of the canyon, so I just zipped Carys up in my raincoat and let her head stick out under my chin so she could see. She seemed to love it, she was wide eyed checking out the view until she fell asleep in the baby carrier near the end of the hike on the way back to our vehicle.

Kauai was fun. The hiking and getting to surf the North Shore (Hanalei Bay) in the winter were the highlights of this trip for me. We got really close to two wild goats on this hike but didn't get any photos worth putting up, just one blurry shot. They pretty quickly bounded away once they realized were close. We got within about 15-20 feet before they realized we were there.


Deb H said...

Love these.

Aunt Mel said...

I see now that Laura is done carrying her, it's your turn!! Now you know how it feels!