Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's Been a While

I know, I know, I haven't updated my Blog or website in quite a while. A lot has happened since I last Blogged. One thing that happened is that I got a promoted. The new job has kept me very busy. I am now the Manager of Mission Operations Project Controls. Sounds kind of important doesn't it? My band played our first gig at the Spring Break Beer and Music festival, which was fun. I play bass in the band. We had the best fans at the event. Thanks to all of our friends that came out to support us!

I hurt my back while playing beach volleyball about a week and a half ago. So no surfing or skate park for a couple of weeks. Bummer :( We had some nice waves last week...

We've added to the members of our house hold. We have a tank full of sea creatures now and a cat. The cat came with the name Twiggy. I've been calling her Twigs. She has been nice to have around but my allergies have been acting up. I've got an appointment with the Doctor Tuesday to look into Hyposensitization aka-allergy desensitization. I hope it works because I'd like to keeps Twigs in the family. And speaking of family...I know you all have been wondering.... yes Laura is looking very pregnant, but not as big as you'd expect for a woman that is over 7 months along. It's hard to believe that she'll be giving birth in just a couple more months. It's all gone by so fast. Wow I'll be flying to Maryland first week of July to await the birth. Exciting stuff!...for me it is anyway.