Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Carys's First Birthday! July 19th. Wow, has it been a year already!?

I guess it is all relative. If you ask me: How long it has been since my daughter was born? I'll tell you it seems like it was just last week. If you ask me: How long it has been since I hung out with all of the boys? I'll tell you it seems like it has been a year...

Back to the party.

There was fun for the kids...a sprinkler ball, small swimming pool with canopy that a few kids dove into with their clothes on; a new sand box, and a couple piƱatas full of goodies. The theme was Elmo.

Cute pic of Carys and one of her friends. It appears that the boys are already lining up. I'll have to stay on my toes. That is her nanny "Shaggy" holding her.

Carys enjoying her dinner. Looks like she was enjoying the pulled pork, or as the Hawaiians call it Kahluha pork. Apparently I make pretty good Kahluha pork for a "Haole" or so my Hawaiian friends say. I was up all night cooking and then went into work around 2:30AM to meet a deadline. Biked home for an hour and a half to frost the cake to look like Elmo and cook some more. Then back to work until around 3:30PM. I was feeling pretty out of it by the time the party rolled around.

Any idea how many bottles of red food coloring it takes to get cream cheese frosting Elmo red? It takes 4...4 whole bottles of red food coloring! Any one have any ideas on how I get this stuff out of my clothes now?
She decided she wanted to feed some to her Dad. That's my arm on the left.
Carys passed out about half way into her party. I on the other hand saw the last guests off and cleaned up at around 2:30AM. Did we all sleep in? No... Carys got up bright and early the next morning to open and play with all of her new gifts. I think it was a success.


Deb H said...

I dreamed about babysitting Carys last night. I was having a grande time with her!

Corey called a couple of days ago. He was asking about you all.

I wish we could've been there. It looks like a great party. As for the red food coloring, just tie dye eveything & the stains won't matter!

Michelle Auer said...

Looks like she had a great time. She was in my thoughts all day. I look forward to meeting her one day! :-)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome daddy Carys has, all that hard work! Elmo looked amazing... interesting about the 4 bottles of dye, wow! Sounds like it was fun. Can't wait to see your girls soon!!! I know you'll miss them, but you have to share (at least once a year man!) Sorry we won't see you... Michelle (Laura's)

Anonymous said...

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