Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pink Eye

Hello friends that I haven't seen in a while…no I haven't forgotten about you all. I have pink eye!…or more like fluorescent red eyes! I've had it for a full week now. I woke up yesterday and it was far worse; not better after 6 days of antibiotic treatment. Apparently I have been unlucky enough to contract viral pink eye or I've got a drug resistant bacterial strain. They took a culture yesterday and said they should have results by Thursday. If it's viral like the PA suspects (they've had a few cases lately) I just have to wait for it to run it's course. WTF!!!?

I'm back in my office now with three bottles of hand sanitizer, a can of Lysol, box of tissues, and a couple bottles of eye drops as the deadlines won't wait. My eyes are F…ing killing me! They feel like someone rubbed beach sand into them. My boss saw me a little bit ago and said I looked like the devil with my glowing red eyes. Well the name Brandon actually is derived from a hebrew word meaning from the depths of fire or from the firey hill. When I told my mom this she said how appropriate. Hmmmmm....maybe time for a career change? What kind of income would the devil pull in?

Going on week two of quarantine in an empty house all by myself…:(

It's out there folks. Wash your hands.


Michelle Auer said...

We had a round of viral pink eye a couple of years back and something that helped a LOT is black tea bags. Just get them wet in warm water and then put them on your eyes like they do with cukes at day spas. Just let them rest there and repeat. It really sooths and takes the swelling WAY down! Jon had Pink Eye once when he was supposed to go on TV. He did this and by the time he was being filmed you could not tell! Any black tea works. Liptons or Tetly are my favorites for this.

BLP said...

Thanks sis, I'm willing to try almost anything at this point.

Michelle Auer said...

If you have time to kick back, you could put a warm tea bag on each eye and then lay a hot towel over the tea bags, then they will take longer to cool off. Like a little spa day. I learned about it in some homeopathic medicine book I read ages ago.

BLP said...

Hey I was just introduced to my new best friend. Steriodal eyedrops, Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension USP. Good stuff. It has reduced the pain down to a much more tolerable level. Instead of feeling like beach sand is being rubbed into my eyes it feels more like someone is cutting onions in the room now with a little abrasion on the inside of my bottom eyelids. I'll try the tea bags this evening when I go back home...whenever that is...I have the feeling it's going to be a late night at work again. Hopefully I can get most of this work out of the way this afternoon so I don't have to stay too late. Thanks again for the advice!

Deb H said...

Poor kid. You used to get red eyes every spring. The eye Dr back then said it was allergies.

Warren had pink eye recently too. Got it from some little patient. He gets exposed to all sorts of evil stuff.

Hope they figure you out & make it better. Michelle is right about the tea bags.

Has Laura ever been on the Travel Channel? I saw a girl on a FL. beach that looked just like her.

Love & miss you.

BLP said...

Wow it seemed as if the tea bags really worked. I used them before I went to bed and by the next morning I thought the pink eye had cleared up. However as the day went on I found that wasn't the case. It was the clearest my eyes have looked in a couple weeks and that was with only 3 hours sleep before I came in to work! Of course to those of you that know me you know I don't sleep that much anyway...except when I'm sick.

Michelle Auer said...

I don't think they are a cure all, thy are more of a "Make it feel a lot better, but repeat as needed" sort of thing.

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