Monday, March 12, 2007

Sounds Like...

So many of you have been asking me, how do you pronounce Carys? And the honest answer is that, Laura and I have not yet decided.

The Americanized pronunciations sound like “Care-us” or “Care-iss”. This sometimes elicits a really lame joke about how much we must love working for KRS (Kwajalein Range Services); so much in fact that we are naming our daughter after the company we work for. Making that joke will get you the not so friendly-you had better be kidding look from Laura or myself, sometimes followed by the infamous pseudo laugh.

I believe the original Welsh pronunciation is “Ka-Riss”, sounds like a shortened version of Carissa. But this would probably destine her to a life of having her name mispronounced by every school teacher, prospective employer, telemarketer…hey that might not be so bad…sorry sir no one by that name here…Would that really be so bad?

Laura and I are considering waiting until we meet Carys and spend some more time with her before we decide. We are not really in any rush to make a final decision as it will be spelled the same no matter how we decide to pronounce it.

So which pronunciation/pronunciations do you like the best? Which do you not like? Why? I look forward to all your comments!