Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Carys had a tooth come in on Monday, which was joined by a second tooth the following day. So she now has two front teeth on the bottom.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Years Baby!

We thought this photo might look cute on a new years card.

On Her Way to Her First Luau

Here she is with her Mom on the trolley taking a tour through the gardens. She liked seeing the exotic birds in the garden and she really enjoyed the hula dancers and the poi.

I don't get the poi part.

Family Hike, Waimea Canyon, The Grand Canyon of the Pacific

We set out in a downpour along the western rim of the canyon, so I just zipped Carys up in my raincoat and let her head stick out under my chin so she could see. She seemed to love it, she was wide eyed checking out the view until she fell asleep in the baby carrier near the end of the hike on the way back to our vehicle.

Kauai was fun. The hiking and getting to surf the North Shore (Hanalei Bay) in the winter were the highlights of this trip for me. We got really close to two wild goats on this hike but didn't get any photos worth putting up, just one blurry shot. They pretty quickly bounded away once they realized were close. We got within about 15-20 feet before they realized we were there.

Happy Kid

Carys opens her Christmas presents with the Grandparents on Kauai.

Sleeping Beauties

The Ladies catching some Zs at the condo on Kauai.

Dressed Up To Go See Grandpa Cool.

Can anyone guess where Grandpa Cool went to school?

I Hear Carrot Facials Are All the Rage Now.

Carys tries carrots for the first time. Seemed to have a difficult time keeping it all in her mouth. Takes after her Mom I think. :) Another messy eater.

More Shots of Carys!

Cute. Her father has a similar pose in his repertoire that he often breaks out at parties or drinking establishments for photo oportunities.

She's not really crawling yet, she scoots around and rolls to get where she wants to be. She likes to walk if you let her hold your hands for balance. So maybe she'll skip crawling all together and go straight to walking?

Our Kwaj cat Twigs and Carys hanging out.

Such a happy baby. Enjoying her time bouncing in her Jump-a-roo.

Movie star style.

My Girls

Toes! Check out my toes!

Toes! I've got toes!

Apparently these toes tasted good, or at least good enough to stick them in her mouth for while...

Palm Frond Hat

Here Carys is sporting her hand made palm frond hat. She got it from her extended Hawaiian ohana at the Hawaiian Christmas party down at Emon beach. There are a lot of parties around here during the holidays, or any time for that matter. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the social schedule.

Looks like Carys is ready to party! Have a good day all!

Carys and Santa

Carys's first Christmas. We arrived late as we often do with baby in tow, and it looked like Santa had already left. However Santa (our friend Les) spotted us from the back of the store and came back for one last photo shoot.