Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Carys took her first steps this weekend.

Laura's manager had us and few others over for dinner this weekend (July 6th). Carys and Laura were in the kitchen and I was seated in a chair in the next room. Carys was standing on her own in the kitchen smiling while her Mom and a couple others were cheering for her and telling her what a good job she was doing standing all by herself like a big girl. When all of a sudden she locked eyes with me, took off running and ran right to Daddy. She threw up her arms to hug me and buried her smiling face into Daddy. I guess you don't actually have to walk before you run. I think she took about seven steps in all. What a great moment. I know I'll never forget it. :)


Michelle Auer said...

Darian's first steps were running as well! It was her party and she had a bunch of kids over. They were all running all over the house and she was cruising, but still holding on to stuff. She got frustrated and just let go and ran across the room. She pretty much never stopped after that.

Deb H said...

WAAAAAAA!!!!! I'm missing so much!

How exciting! Thrilling & happy!

I ordered her 1st BD gift on line over a month ago. I hope you get it soon.


Deb H said...

Happy Birthday Carys!!! You're a BIG GIRL NOW!

Anonymous said...

That IS such a special moment you'll never forget... how adorably, preciously exciting! I remember mine with Noah too... :)Michelle Laura's)