Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pregnancy: Hormones and Morning Sickness


“Hormone” comes from the Greek word hormao, a substance that starts, urges on, initiates, irritates, stimulates and excites.
Powerful stuff those hormones. Laura had just been saying how she has nearly made it through this first part of the pregnancy almost symptom free (except for the frequent trips to the bathroom…every 30 minutes). That is until the other day when she started balling because she couldn’t find her snorkel before we went on a boat trip. Now keep in mind we do have four other snorkels that she could have used, but when I suggested that, she replied while wailing, with tears steaming, “but I can’t, I don’t know who might have used those. BWAAAHHHAAHAHAAAAA….BWAAAAAAHHAAAUUUHHHHAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa……” So after some hugging, coaxing, and wiping away of tears off to the store she went to buy a new snorkel while our friends and I all waited on the boat for her to show, our group trip delayed for about an hour. Oh and during the entire 4 hour trip she may have used the snorkel for a total of about 5 minutes.

Around 3AM the next morning is when the next set of symptoms showed. The dreaded morning sickness. I woke to the sounds of dry heaving. I was so proud of her though, because this time she actually made it to the bathroom to throw up. Our history has been a little different. She has thrown up on me more than once in the bedroom since we’ve been together. So what does this mean to me? It means I have much to look forward to. Instead of my dear wife throwing up on me I will soon have a new baby to do that…and you know what? I’m really looking forward to it…all of it.


Laura said...

It was not an hour...it was about a half hour. We left at 1 PM but were supposed to go by 12:30 PM. Everything else is accurate though. Those hormones are crazy things!! Thanks for being so understanding Honey!!

Love You.

Deb H said...

Too funny..you had me laughing all the way. Can't wait to see you 2+

Lei Lei said...

AWWW, poor thing. Been there, done that-5 times. And that ain't nothin' yet honey! Good luck, and keep those salt-free saltines handy.

Melodie said...

I'd also suggest a puke bucket next to the bed (just in case). We use plastic ice cream pails but small garbage cans work well too.
It's been a long time for me so I remember the joy of the babies. On the other hand, the hormones of menopause are a bitch!!
Best wishes!! Love, Aunt Mel

Marie Dixon said...

Lovely Laura, don't you just wish our wonderfully sensitive male companions could share in the prebi pleasures? Adorable, funny, strong, helpful, and has the making of the world's best Dad - no wonder you can't stay mad at him! Love each other and take care to never forget how much we all love and pray for you.

Sue said...

That story did make me laugh....and I really can picture the whole scene considering we lived on Kwaj !! I can see them all waiting at the marina and I can see Laura peddling off on her bike to Macys to get the new snorkel!!!
Don't forget lots of baby tummy photos.....talk soon, Sue Boughen