Thursday, December 14, 2006



OK, my friend Alex suggested we come up with a name to call the fetus, so we can talk to it or refer to it without calling it "it". Well a few of us were sitting around my living room going through baby books, when I came across the name Phoebus. As a lame joke I suggested the name as a potential name for our baby to Laura. Immediately my former friends (kidding about the former part) started laughing and yelled out “That’s it! – Phoebus!!!”

So now our fetus has a nick name and yes it’s Phoebus.

The meaning behind the name is much cooler than the name sounds. My Grandfather just sent me some info about the name. Apparently Phoebus literally means, "the radiant one". In Greek mythology, an epithet of Apollo because of his connection with the sun or as descendant of the Titaness Phoebe (his grandmother). The Romans venerated him as Phoebus Apollo.
The Lamp of Phoebus, the sun.


Alex said...

Woot! Woot! I'm FAMOUS! And hey, former friends? I resemble that remark!

BLP said...

Yeah, so you are famous. Must be why this is the only post on my blog that I have had to clean up spam on.:) They must be following you! Ahhh yes the price of fame...
Try not to burn down the house while we are gone! No insurance coverage available on the island you know. The Chad says you guys aren't going to want to move out when we get back. That's cool, I don't blame you. I just want my bedroom back; you guys can move over to the guest room. Thanks for watching the house while we are gone!