Sunday, December 24, 2006

More Photos From Our Day At Alyeska!

High speed internet access sure makes this updating/uploading stuff a lot easier. Too bad we don't have it on Kwaj. Some shots from the lower part of the mountain.
Laura ripping it up at her first snowboard lesson.

These cars had only been parked there since around 10:30AM and it was only about 5:30PM when I took this photo. Look at all the snow!

This is Derek's volvo after being parked for only about four hours!


Nancy said...

Wow...Looks COLD!!!
Glad to see your having such a good time. See you soon :)

Alex said...

These pictures ALMOST make me miss the snow. Notice I said almost.We had a strange message the other day. Somebody called and right before they hung up they said, "You're dead." Isn't that weird? Or at least it sounded like that.

Lei Lei said...

Well, are you totally exhausted now that you're back at 'home'? It was so wonderful to see you again cous'. (that's twice in less than 3 years!-wow what was it before-10 years?) It was nice to meet Laura too. She's a beauty. Misses already! love you