Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Amazon Girl

Carys went in for her shots and a checkup this morning. The nurses talked about how well behaved and happy she was; and the doctor commented on how tall she was…we’ve noticed that she is already getting too tall for 6 month old clothes. The doc informed us that at 16 lbs 2 oz she is at the 100th percentile for weight and she measured 26 and ¾ inches tall which is way off the charts for height. My not so little, little girl. Looks like I might be playing beach volleyball with her a few years down the road. But that is still a little ways off. She just learned how to roll over on her own this last week.

Loving being a Dad.

Take care all.

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MJAPA said...

That is exactly how darian was all through her early appointments, but in the last year she has really slowed down with the growing. They kept telling us she would be at least 5'10" or even 6 feet, but she is at 5'5" now and doesn't seem to be budging. (This of course, makes her made because she really wants to be taller than me. Still has a few inches to go to reach that)