Friday, July 21, 2006

A Stormy Night


I love watching lightning. The other night we had an amazing electrical storm on the atoll. I woke up thinking “what jet would be flying out this time of night” and then with another flash of lightning I realized that it was thunder and not the sound of a jet engine. We haven’t had too many large electrical storms on Kwaj in the three and a half years that I’ve lived here. So this one was even more unexpected. It seemed that we were averaging at least five strikes a minute on our little island for a while that night. The flashes lit up the sky brighter than day and the thunder was rolling non stop. A pretty exciting show. Reminds me of those times as a young child in Michigan watching the big electrical storms roll through.

If you see my Dad this weekend, don't forget to wish him a happy birthday!!!!

1 comment:

Deb H said...

Cool! I wish I could've seen it.
We actually had a little thunder 2 weeks ago.

Love you both!