Thursday, June 15, 2006

Work and Play on the Atoll


I know… I know, you are all waiting to see the photos from the Amsterdam and Pohnpei trips. I see that you all have been checking in at the website and I’ll try and find some time to get them up. It just takes so long to load photos with my slow internet connection (never able to connect any faster than 22 kbps, no broadband out here yet!) and more than 80% of the time the upload or post fails so I have to keep trying over and over again until it goes through. Really busy at work. The manager I was working with moved on, now it's time to train a new one. I went surfing last night, waves were pretty small. Just ankle breakers. I still had fun. It's like meditation time for me, getting out in the water helps me clear my head and relax. What's my friend Miguel call it? "Going to the temple." It's as close to a religious experience that I have ever come. :) Paddling is great exercise too. Expecting a 7-9 foot swell out of the South any day now. I went fishing this last weekend. It's been a while. Slow day for fishing, caught one small tuna, turned him into poke (Hawaiian dish made with cubes of raw fish) for Scott's birthday party the next night, good stuff. I also got a few photos of dolphins while out fishing this weekend. So it was still a good day. I'm waiting on my replacement power inflator from Halcyon now. I hope it gets here soon so we can get in some more scuba diving. I'm kind of excited about it now that I have the new underwater camera housing. Now I'll be able to share some of the underwater world with the rest of you. I'll have to swim out into the waves with it and get some surfing photos of my friends too. Take care, talk to you all later!


MJAPA said...

Sounds fun living in a tropical paradise. Do you ever worry about how fast things will seem when you move back to the mainland?

Deb H said...

Do you wear a helmet when you surf? Does Laura surf too? Glad to know you're still there. I miss you.